Footage of Victorian Vanguard vs Bass Strait Brawlers

I regretted missing the mens derby bout between the Victorian Vanguard and the Bass Strait Brawlers, which took place in Rosebud on the 23rd November as part of the Summer Crush double header.

Fortunately, there is full footage of the mens match on Youtube. Both halves are embedded below. Sure, it's filmed from a single POV but that's better than none at all, and the quality is pretty good, the audio too. Thanks Kernel Panic for making and sharing this!

Period 1

Period 2

The Vanguard are next playing 15th Feb 2014 at Puckhandlers in Reservoir, where they go up against the Tweed Valley Vikings after Melbourne Northside Rollers take on the Tweed Valley Rollers. See the event page for more info.