Team Australia announces line-up for World Cup 2014

Cross-posted from my article on RDAU: MELBOURNE, Australia -  On Wednesday 4th December, Team Australia announced, to wide acclaim, the line-up of the nation's best skaters who will compete in the upcoming Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup. The announcement was made exactly one year before the event is to begin in Dallas, taking place over 4 days in December, 2014.

The 27 skaters on the roster are as follows:

Blue Wrenegade 2880 ADRD
Colonel KAOS! 601 ADRD
Kit Cat Krunch 9 Lives ADRD
Chop Chop 117 BCR
Susy Pow TOP5 Charm City
Bambi von Smash'er 411 CRDL
Shaggle Frock 77 CRDL
ShortStop 6 CRDL
Annabelle Lecter 8 NBR
Beth Adder 20 NBR
Brutal Deluxe 76 NBR
Lil Gee Unit 41 NBR
Christy Demons 14 PCRD
Freyda Cox 50X SRDL
Blockodile Dundee 411 SSRG
Cookie Cutter 45 SSRG
Dodge&Bolt 58 SSRG
Lady Killer 11 SSRG
Muzzarati 28 SSRG
Polly Crackers 8 SSRG
Rose Ruin 12 SSRG
Bicepsual 10 VRDL
Calamity Maim 4 VRDL
G-Banger 010 VRDL
Mad Mel Arena 505 VRDL
Tiger 782 VRDL
Tui Lyon 88 VRDL

Flamin' Galah Bench Coach VRDL
Slawta Dawta Bench Manager SSRG
Cherry Axe-Wound Tour Manager CRDL


Some were expecting only 20 players listed - nonetheless, the team selected 27 "to ensure contingency and development opportunity to create the best team" as the next 12 months of active derby and training progress for all leagues involved. Team USA employed similar logic with a squad of 32.

It is the second incarnation of the world cup, three years after 2011's inaugural tournament in Toronto, Canada. In that event, the Australians came 4th out of 13, knocking out Germany, Finland, Scotland and Sweden before being beaten by Team USA in the semi-finals and giving up 3rd place to England.

2014's formidable line-up consists of  (among others) 6 skating representatives from VRDL's All Stars and 7 from Queensland's Sun State Roller Girls. This is a marked increase in the number of Victorian players compared with the 2 listed in 2011's line-up. Adelaide also has a slightly larger share of the roster than last time, while both Queensland's Northern Brisbane and Paradise City leagues feature for the first time.

Veteran skater Susy Pow, formerly of Newcastle Roller Derby league, now expat in the USA and skating for Baltimore's Charm City, returns to the line-up after having also played for Australia in the first cup.

Like the Team Australia Facebook page to stay up to date - there will likely be a fundraiser to support the country's finest skaters on the journey to the States.

You can also catch up on footage of the 2011 World Cup on DNN.