Rolling in the win: Bendigo Chikos triumph over Ballarat Rat Pack, 10/11/12

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of witnessing the grand final of the Best Western Regional tournament - a gripping conclusion to months of derby goodness between three rural leagues: Ballarat Roller Derby League's Rat Pack, Bendigo's Chiko Rollers, and Geelong Roller Derby's two teams the Atom Bombs and the Psychotics.

But like everyone else, sadly derby is not something I can enjoy full-time. Work and health have taken their toll during and after that event: so, a quick note to thank everyone who kindly and generously offered their own stylish suggestions for introducing this piece in classic crowd-sourcing derby fashion - you can read them over here. Sharon VanillaSlicer, I owe you some laughs :)


SRDL Assassins vs VRDL Queen Bees, 28th October 2012

Derby on a Sunday morning - it's almost a religious experience, even with the bleary eyes of someone who'd spent a late night after witnessing NSW's first full-length merby bout and a match between H.A.R.D and S2D2 out in Windsor on the Saturday.

Side-effects notwithstanding, it was simply not possible to miss what was to be an energetic duel between Sydney's all-star team The Assassins and the travel team from Victoria, VRDL's Queen Bees, taking place at Sydney Boys' High School in Moore Park.

"A charm of powerful trouble" - South Sea Roller Derby's "All Hallow's Scream"

Dolly Rogers work hard to control Cutthroat Charmers in SSRD's final home bout for 2012: "All Hallow's Scream", 20th October 2012. 

I couldn't resist opening with a Macbeth quote for the spooky, Halloween-themed bout for South Sea Roller Derby, named 'All Hallow's Scream', which took place on October 20th in Keysborough, Victoria.