VRDL picks up pace for the last bout before grand final

It seems an age ago since VRDL opened its 2012 season all the way back in sunny February this year. So much has happened since. Intermingled with the home bouts have been many other standalone events including the All Stars' trip to the Tucson Dust Devil  tournament in April, the Great Southern Slam in June, and a rematch between VRDL and SSRD only last month.

Each of these events have seen players from all four home teams improve their skills and enhance the level of competition that's made VRDL so famous in Australia and beyond.

Beyond first impressions: a review of This Is Roller Derby

One of the first derby articles I ever wrote - and the piece that committed me to telling a little bit of the story of roller derby from then on (whether anyone wanted me to or not), was a review of Derby, Baby!.

It's been a while since any other documentary about derby has blessed our screens, but tonight, I had the opportunity - and the pleasure - of seeing 'This Is Roller Derby' - a documentary concerning itself less about the economics and future of derby than the formerly-mentioned release, filmed over the course of 12 months which crosses repeatedly between leagues in the United States and here in Australia - and particularly my home state of Victoria.

A rolling wave of derby

Derby, you muse and great awakener!

Derby, challenger, tormenter!

Derby, who is never sure of herself!

Derby, for endless debates and evolution! Derby in earnest!

Derby, the common ground!

Derby, the perfect combination!

Derby, under a yester-year yoke of prejudice, presumption and ignorance!