First Blood - the glorious launch of Northside Rollers' home teams

The northern suburbs of Melbourne share a long history, but also seem to be currently experiencing a period of unanticipated growth. This mingling of old and new creates an interesting energy, an atmosphere that there's momentum gathering, that great things are afoot.

The same could be said for the Melbourne Northside Rollers (ooh, that was a smooth segue, wasn't it?) - the roller derby league based in the City of Darebin area, who on Saturday 15th September 2012, held their inaugural 'home' bout, ominously named 'First Blood'.


My week has resembled a discarded piece of fruit in a kid's lunchbox: gradually decaying in an awful state of rot, wafting in scents of frustration across the many hours in which I ought to have been asleep but have been kept awake due to the nature of my job. It has not been a good one, let's put it that way.

But in the true spirit of decay, that which is falling apart is leaving, exposing, the jewel under the dirt, the light at the end of the tunnel: roller derby on the weekend.

I'll be heading north with the privilege of witnessing the inaugural bout of the Melbourne Northside Rollers - an up-and-coming derby league that won my heart at The Great Southern Slam only a few months ago, even though it may feel a million years ago now.