Clash of the Titans - VRDL v QLD Sept 1 2012

A couple of years ago, I went to see a Swedish metal act called Meshuggah. One image I still carry with me in my head from that night, is of the way those musicians stalked the stage as though they were not mere humans, but giants; masters of their craft, something larger than life.

Last night replayed that experience, because I went to see a double-header at the Melbourne Showgrounds: the VRDL Queen Bees vs Northern Brisbane Rollers, followed by the infamous 'grudge' re-match from TGSS: the VRDL All-Stars vs Sun State Roller Girls. If you ever want to see the best of the best on quads in this country, you either made the right decision, or you missed out.

On writing for derby

As the week peels itself away a day at a time, my anticipation is growing in the other direction as I'm led closer and closer to the epic event of the season: VRDL vs QLD at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

The night will be a double-header, opening with a bout between the VRDL Queen Bees (their travel team) vs the North Brisbane Rollers. I saw NBR play at The Great Southern Slam a few months ago, and was very impressed. These two teams, I don't believe, have ever played against each other, so it should be a very interesting match.