Pivoting on dotted lines: a tale of derby love from an unaffiliated fan

This is my entry to the DerbyLife.com writing competition, which can also be found over there.

Hope you enjoy it - I'll be back to point you to the voting area in September when the competition winner is to be decided!


It's August, 2012. All the way down here in the basement of the planet, Melbourne Australia, it feels like it's getting warmer slowly, albeit still being winter. Just as the frost - and the rain - set in somewhat earlier than expected, it seems as though the sun is growing increasingly impatient to show its face once more. Reminding me, again, that change is inevitable.

Have you named your demons?

Someone recently told me that they wished they had a 'natural' talent that came easy. The comparison that was made, was my writing.

This has unravelled chain of thoughts that have sat coiled up with me since, on the subject of strengths, weaknesses, challenges and pitfalls. Thus I wanted to put them down on 'paper' - a task that isn't as easy as it seems, which is the irony of this whole article.

I owe a lot of my passion for writing to my Grade 1 teacher, Ms Coulton, who gave me two gifts: one was introducing me to a wide range of stories (this was the early '90s, and some of you might remember those giant story books that were bigger than you were). The other gift was encouraging me to write, and to stretch my imagination to its limits.