Two minutes

Something a little different today. I originally intended for this piece to be my entry into the DerbyLife writing competition - in fact I wrote it the evening that I saw the announcement - but I later decided that a fictional piece probably doesn't suit the DerbyLife style. (Edit: I ended up submitting this instead) Also, were I to win, it's unlikely that I'd write many ongoing pieces like this so isn't a very good indication of the usual stuff I write.

Nonetheless - onto the 'I wish this was better than it is' pile known as my blog, it goes :)


WFTDA rules to change in 2013, start your drama engines

'Major' (sorry...) year lined up for 2013 as WFTDA announce revision to rules.

The WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) announced on Tuesday that several revisions to the WFTDA standard Flat-Track rules will be implemented smack-bang on the first day of 2013. Already, the Internet is abuzz with the news and what it will mean for leagues playing under the WFTDA rules.

No gods, no masters

It's hard to imagine any other sport whereby personalities and a fiercely vibrant sub-culture can thrive to such levels alongside the game itself.

Roller Derby's penchant for welcoming women (and men) from any background, both economical and geographical, along with its DIY philosophy, doesn't offer much in way of surprise to find that the sport attracts a range of people often with a desire to express themselves as they see fit.

Despite being well-known for providing an outlet for 'alter-egos', it seems more likely to me that (most) players are attracted by the prospect of seizing an opportunity to be exactly who they feel they are, as opposed to pretend to be something they're not. Yet despite this intense individualism, an irony of community spirit, of sisterhood, prevails within not only teams, not only interspersed throughout whole leagues, but across the sport as a whole. I'll dare say you agree, or you wouldn't be reading this right now. You wouldn't have been drawn across a twisted highway of copper cable and light to a hive of derby goodness provided for you, and all of us, for free.