rat pack

A sweet victory for SSRD against BRDL - 'Candy Caned', 1st Dec

We pulled into the car park of Springers Leisure Centre, and like a valve bursting on demand, the skies erupted with a deluge.

I must've arrived at a South Sea Roller Derby bout.

Marking the start of the festive season was 'Candy Caned' - the final event of 2012 for this friendly Victorian league, which was hosting the night's proceedings. Their visiting guests were the Ballarat Roller Derby League's Rat Pack, who'd made the trip down to battle it out against SSRD's all-star travel team, the Sirens.

Rolling in the win: Bendigo Chikos triumph over Ballarat Rat Pack, 10/11/12

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of witnessing the grand final of the Best Western Regional tournament - a gripping conclusion to months of derby goodness between three rural leagues: Ballarat Roller Derby League's Rat Pack, Bendigo's Chiko Rollers, and Geelong Roller Derby's two teams the Atom Bombs and the Psychotics.

But like everyone else, sadly derby is not something I can enjoy full-time. Work and health have taken their toll during and after that event: so, a quick note to thank everyone who kindly and generously offered their own stylish suggestions for introducing this piece in classic crowd-sourcing derby fashion - you can read them over here. Sharon VanillaSlicer, I owe you some laughs :)