Glory and Gold - WestSide wins over VRDL's up-and-comers

This recap was first published on VRDL's site here - I am cross-posting it here as an individual article and for discussion if anyone wants to use the Facebook comment feature.

Long after the The Great Southern Slam, long after its post-tournament 'flu comes and goes for most, one ache can remain: the post-derby blues. As the cold and damp of winter sets in, it's an unwelcome melancholy that is hard to shake off - but it can be done with the one cure known to us all: more derby!

I arrived for my remedy on Saturday the 21st of June with the rest of the crowd at VRDL's home turf of Darebin Community Sports Stadium, for what turned out to be a rather electrifying double header. If you needed another dose of good derby, you were at the right place!